​"Tell Me and I Forget, Teach Me and I may Remember, Involve Me and I Learn ". Benjamin Franklin

Ages: 6 weeks - 16 months

4:1 Ratio

Our infant room is the place where trust is built, and a love of school begins! Babies come into the room completely dependent on their caregivers and walk out (literally) feeding themselves, soothing themselves to sleep, carrying buckets full of “stuff”, emptying the buckets and refilling them, using words to express their needs, and so much more.  Our infant room facilitators use the Milestones of Child Development to assess each child and set up an environment to encourage exploration to help each child reach the next stage.  There is lots of singing, dancing, reading, art and laughter every day!



Ages: 16 months - 2.5 years old

5:1 Ratio

Our fun loving wrens are learning to do things on their own through guided independence. They get to sit at the table to eat, sleep on a mat and drink from a cup. They are busy and, on the go, exploring everything in their path. Language development is a big part of every activity in this room as is gross motor development. A daily lesson plan including activities focused on creativity, language, sensory, fine motor, gross motor as well as social and emotional is written weekly based on the theme.

Blue Jays

Ages: 2.5 - 3 years old

8:1 Ratio

Busy, busy, busy is the way to describe this classroom. Continuing to exert independence, this group is working their way from toddler to preschooler at record breaking speed. Using a carefully planned environment, the staff create opportunities for exploration and hands on learning. Using the Milestones of Child Development, lesson plans are written to include creativity, math/science, music & movement, language, fine & gross motor as well as social & emotional development.  The children are learning everything that they need to move to the Magpies' class.



Ages: 3 years old - 5 years old

10:1 Ratio

​Our Magpies are very busy getting ready for kindergarten. Using the Milestones of Development, Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, and the Kindergarten Readiness Checklist this room is carefully planned to encourage further independence and child led learning. Lesson plans are written weekly and include creativity, math/science, music & movement, language, fine & gross motor as well as social & emotional development.  This print rich environment encourages phonemic awareness and language development. There is also a focus on pre-math skills such as sorting, graphing, patterning, number recognition, etc. AND, all of this happens through play!



Ages: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

12:1 Ratio

We provide after care for families with children attending Diamond Springs, Newtown, and Bettie F. Williams.  


815 Baker Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455


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