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About Us


At Nature’s Path, we recognize that children are born with the natural ability and desire to explore, learn and develop their God-given potential. It is our responsibility, as facilitators, to guide them on their journey of discovery.  The world is our curriculum. Through it, we provide a program rich in literacy, creativity, and problem solving, as well as physical and spiritual well-being. 

Our Staff

At Nature's Path Academy, we are dedicated to providing the best possible education and experience. Because we understand the impact that a quality staff brings to a center, all of our teachers are devoted to each child's care and nurturing.  


We meet our students where they are to help them progress to the next level and are passionate about guiding our students as they navigate the learning experience. We work with our staff to provide quality training, feedback, and coaching to ensure that we offer our very best every day.


All of our team go through CPR/First Aid and COVID-19 prevention training because we recognize the importance of ensuring our students' health and safety. We also assist our staff in reaching their goals by supplying them with information and training that allows them to stay up-to-date in the education field and by helping them to utilize new techniques in the classroom.

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